Extramarks Toddlers App

What is Extramarks Toddlers?

‘Extramarks Toddlers App is a kid’s specific application that comprises of age-appropriate educational learning solutions for Toddlers up to 4 years of age.

What are the specific educational resources in Extramarks Toddlers?

The app includes huge collection of fun-filled and kids-friendly Rhymes (e.g.Twinkle Twinkle), Stories (e.g.The Hare and the Tortoise), Games (e.g. Fruit Matrix), Premium Games (e.g. Karaoke), and educational activities (e.g. Let’s Learn ABC).

What are the different packages available?

The entire content of the App can be purchased at once or one can select from a broad category of packages available, based on different subjects, category and level/age through Buy Packages from the top right corner .

User also has the flexibility to choose and pay only for selected learning solution that suits his/her child’s specific learning needs and interests. One can purchase individual rhyme, story, game, and premium game separately or purchase any desired combination of content .

How can I buy individual content or bundled contents [package]?

To buy an individual package:
Tap the Locked Content Icon from Activity screen to view description and price details of the selected content and tap on Buy Button.

To buy a bundled contents (Package):
Expand the top-right Menu Bar and select the option “Buy Packages” and tap on BUY of any Package to buy your desired Package

How can I earn Money Bag credits?

Credit is added to the Money Bag at the time of first installation. More credit can be earned through referrals and Add Credit.

How can I unlock educational games and videos through available credits? What if my Money Bag balance is insufficient to purchase content(s)/package?

All the learning resources can be unlocked by redeeming credits from Money Bag Balance.

In case you have required amount of credits in your Money Bag, you can buy the specific package and the equivalent credits get deducted from your Money Bag Balance. In case the amount is not sufficient, you can add it through Add Credit at the time of purchase else you can pay through Net Banking, Paytm.

What is PIN and why is it important?

To validate any transaction, a secured PIN has to be created by the parent. This PIN serves as a password for parental control in the process of spending credits as well as buying packages.

Where can I view the earned, redeemed, and purchased credits?

To view the Money balance, you have to tap on the Top-Right Menu bar and select ‘Money Bag’, which shows your previous 30 transaction details.

How can I Refer this app to my Friend?

Tap on Refer Icon on the top Header bar and send referral message to your Friends through whatsapp, facebook and all other social platforms.

How can I view how many credits I have earned through Referral?

‘Referral History’ can be viewed in two ways:

(i) Tap the top-right Menu bar and select 'My Profile' 'Referral History'

(ii) Go to the top-right Menu bar and select 'Money Bag' 'Referral Credit'

How can I change my PIN? (4-Digit Password)?

Go to the top-right Menu Bar and select 'My Profile' ‘Edit Profile’ ‘Change PIN’ option

What if I forget my PIN? (4-Digit Password)

Go to the top-right Menu Bar and select 'My Profile' ‘Edit Profile’ ‘Change PIN’ option ‘Forgot PIN’ option.

On selecting the ‘Forget PIN’ option, One-Time password (OTP) is generated and sent to the registered parent phone number/email.

What is a Promo Code? How can I get this Code?

A Promo Code is provided to users who download Extramarks Toddlers through referral. Also, it may be disbursed as a form of company’s online and offline promotional activity. The code has to be entered post installation on the welcome screen. Upon entering the code, users get the discount associated with the code.

What are the minimum device requirements?

Following are the recommended device requirements for smooth performance:

RAM: 1GB or above
Processor: Quad Core 2GHz
OS Version: Android 4.4 or above
Free Internal Memory: 8GB and above
Please ensure GPU is enabled under developer options in settings of the device.

How can I avail Discount Coupon?

User can avail discount coupon by entering the code while purchasing content/packs if any prevailing offer is going on.

How can we update our application and its content?

Go to the top-right Menu Bar and select ‘Update option’ ‘Update Now’

If I am an existing Extramarks user, can I Sign-in with my existing User ID?


Is the application available for all platforms?

Currently, the application is available for Android, iOS and Windows.

I am having trouble with the app, what should I do?

Feel free to get in touch with us at:

Phone: 1800-102-5301
Email: customersupport@extramarks.com

Phone: +65- 96311523
Email: nfo@extramarks.sgi

Phone: +27 87 943 2522
Email: info@extramarks.co.za

Phone: +971 4 513 6171
Email: info@extramarks.ae

We shall review all the feedbacks & issues and fix/respond & incorporate it in the next version of the application.

Extramarks Toddlers Tablet

What is Extramarks Toddlers Tablet?

Extramarks Toddlers tablet is a kid’s specific device that comprises of age-appropriate educational learning solutions for Toddlers up to 4 years of age.

What's the Procedure to Order a Tablet?

Click on the BUY NOW button. Fill in the required details, as these are necessary for correct delivery of the tablet. Choose your payment method (credit card, cash on delivery, etc) and confirm the order.

Will cost of bag be charged additionally?

No extra cost for the bag. It’s a complimentary gift.

What will I find in the box?

Tablet, User Manual, OTG Cable, USB Cable, Charger.

Are There Any Hidden Charges (like sales tax)?


What are the Delivery Charges?

There is no delivery charge. You can enjoy free shipping.

What is the Estimated Time of Delivery?

We normally ship in 2-3 days and hence you can expect to get the product in a week’s time.

What is the Warranty Coverage?

There is 1year warranty coverage for manufacturing defects in the tablet, applicable from the date of purchase. The accessories provided carry a limited warranty for a period of six months from the date of purchase. Batteries are consumable accessories and carry a warranty of six months. The warranty is confined to the first purchaser of the product only and is not transferable. Please note that the warranty coverage will lapse if a fault in the tablet or its accessories has been caused by manhandling or mishandling during usage.

What are the child specific safety measures?

We have not provided Dongle use & SIM slots as this is a child centric device.

Where do I direct my queries to?

Feel free to drop an email at customersupport@extramarks.com or call at 18001025301.